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Roibí is a multimedia artist, utilising music, video, animation, and digital media to explore ideas of queerness as it exists within Generation Z.

Roibí occupies the space between popstar and fine
artist, while referring to their own experiences as a ‘Transfemme’.

The work explores ideas of identity through the idea of the self as a digital persona.

Roibí considers digital space as a means of socialisation and the development and expansion of subcultures.


Her latest body of work 'D1G1TR4N: REVo/eLu/aTION' was completed as part of 'Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities' Artist Residency (Jan 23-Sep 23). 

'D1G1TR4N: REVo/eLu/aTION' is a continuation of the greater body of work "D1G1TR4N', which explores transness as it exists in cyberspace. This latest body of work refers to biblical armageddon, acting as a response to 'The Transgender Debate', Roibí claims the apocalyptic, abominable power that is projected onto the Trans* community by their opposition and uses it to imagine a Transgender Supremacist, Post-Apocalyptic, High-Kitsch CHAOS- a world where trans people have the power to reshape the paradigms of society, force-feminisation, hyper-sexualisation, bimbofied, yassified and QUEER.

The body of work consists of an animation, a zine and 7 prints that work in tandem to construct an image of this hyperreality for the viewer.

Roibí is currently developing her next EP and Live-Set as well as being neck deep in a pool of research that has opened itself up to her, you're likely to find her in the depths of Library Genesis, her local coffee shop or galavanting online.

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