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The end is nigh! The time of the D1G1TR@N is upon us. Are you ready for the Reve/ola/ution bby? Will YOU join the AbomiNATION? 


Reacting to the current social and political climate around Trans identity, D1G1TR@N: REVe/oLa/uTION imagines a reality where conservative and transphobic fears come to fruition. The work refers to the imagery and allegory of the Book of Revelations, 20th Century Satanic Panic and the concept of the Abject Transfeminine.

 It depicts societal collapse at the hands of transgender supremacy; forced feminisation, genital mutilation, bimbocore, hyper self-sexualisation- this is an uprising that you should be afraid of. 

A satirical take on the notions and statements spewed about them in contemporary media, it aims to be an answer to “the transgender debate”-this work is a battle cry, this means war!


D1G1TR@N: REVe/oLa/uTION is a body of work consisting of 7 prints, an audiovisual piece and a zine. Completed as part of Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities’ Artist Residency.

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